August Environmental Forum Summary and Handouts

The Concerned Citizens United for Belmont Bay had a very informative meeting August 8th on the environment regarding the Occoquan and Potomac watersheds, our Belmont Bay Community and the impact of potential development in Western Prince William County and here in our Community on the environment.

A packed house of nearly 100 heard from local speakers, including Bill McDow, our HOA President, experts from the University of Maryland on the scorecards for the Bay and Potomac River, and a representative from the National Wildlife Refuge Association.

Dr. Chris Jones from the Potomac Environmental Research Center (GMU’s PEREC) also enlightened us on water quality issues in the area and was a little more optimistic about our grades than others. Prince William Supervisor Jeanine Lawson wrapped up the meeting with a discussion about how growth and data centers in western Prince William and the Rural Crescent have a definite impact on us here in the East and our drinking water and presented letters from the Fairfax County Water Authority expressing concern that Prince William was moving too fast without proper studies on water quality.

We will post the Presentations in a Separate Information Post

A Packed House of Mostly Belmont Bay and Mason Neck Residents Attended – CCUBB President KP Lau (Standing)
Belmont Bay HOA President Bill McDow Speaks on Watershed and Runoff Impacts
Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson Talks About Data Centers and the Impact on the Occoquan Watershed

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