Monday June 10th Meeting with Prince William Board Chairman Deshundra Jefferson

Concerned Citizens United for Belmont Bay

Dear Resident,

  1. Concerning the construction permit that has been rescinded by PWC, M&S did file an appeal on May 22, 2024.   In accordance with the zoning ordinance, M&S is entitled to a hearing within 90 days from May 22 if an appeal is filed.  On May 23, at a WPCCA meeting, M&S indicated that a new construction permit proposal will be submitted to PWC.

It appears that M&S has preliminarily proposed a new plan that a passive park with 10’ raised grade with grass path, benches, landscaping and a dog waste station on Land Bay 15.  Once completed, the new path and other items will be maintained by the property owner.   

According to the recent rezoning request, Land Bay 15 convers the former golf course hole 6, 13, 14, 15 &16, while the Land Bay F (the current dumping site) is part of Land Bay 15 and covers only half of the previous hole 15. 

We hope M&S will solicit comments from the residents of Belmont Bay first before the plan was formerly proposed to PWC.  Equally important is that the new proposal must follow the zoning ordinance and should not be negotiated just between M&S and PWC.  It is also worthwhile to note that Land Bay 15 will be transferred to PWC if the latest rezoning proposal by M&S is approved by the BOCS. 

  • We are pleased to inform you that Chair Deshundra Jefferson of BOCS will host a Listening Session with all residents of Belmont Bay on Monday, June 10, 6:00pm to 7:30 pm at the Belmont Bay Elementary School .  CCUBB, jointly with BBHOA, have been discussing with Chair Deshundra Jefferson for a Belmont Bay Town Hall meeting in Belmont Bay.  We encourage residents to show up at the meeting to welcome her to Belmont Bay and to share with her issues of your concern.

KP Lau, President

Concerned Citizens United for Belmont Bay

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